Is matt damon gay

Matt Damon has at last expressed out around old rumors that he and his player pal Ben Affleck have had a gay relationship. The heavenly body of the "Bourne" movies was the clarity of possibility early in his career, in the "Good Will Hunting" days, that he and Affleck had a loving relationship, but they seem to hold died down in recent years. But in a new interview with man-about-town magazine, Damon -- who has been matrimonial to Luciana Barroso for seven years -- speaks to those rumors, addressing why he ne'er dignified them with a denial:“I ne'er denied those rumors because I was offended and didn’t deficiency to anger my friends who were gay,” the actor told Playboy, “as if being gay were some good-natured of f--king disease.

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Matt Damon says Hollywood sex scandal is 'on a spectrum' | Daily Mail Online

Matt Damon tore into md Weinstein as he self-addressed the Hollywood sex outrage in a in width ranging interview, where he then appeared to defend disgraced comedian Louis C. The allegations led to the 65-year-old being unemployed from his own Weinstein circle and remote from the board of the Oscars and Emmys. K., saying their crimes were on different ends of a spectrum. Weinstein unequivocally denies 'any allegations of nonconsensual sex' and claims there was ne'er any retaliation against women who off down his advances. The superior planet star, who worked with Weinstein on movies specified as good enough testament Hunting, said he always knew that the Miramax manufacturer was a 'womanizer', and while he had no idea of the rape and sex assault allegations once he worked with him, he wasn't alone surprised.'I knew I wouldn't need him mated to anyone close to me,' he aforementioned in an interview for ABC News' Popcorn With Peter Travers. The outrage opened the door to claims of sexual misconduct against many stars, powerful executives and politicians across the world of entertainment, media and politics, with the #Me Too campaign.

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'Downsizing' Review: Matt Damon Is the Incredible Shrinking Everyman

“Let’s get small” is more than just an old Steve Martin joke in “Downsizing,” the new smyrnium olusatrum Payne comedy that explores a grouping in which scientists have figured out a way to shrink human beings to a fraction of their past size. A miniaturized people might prevention the earth from extinction, but if we’ve erudite anything from science fiction, it’s that any journey humanity takes, it has a way of delivery both its optimum and worst aspects along for the ride. as well Read: Matt Damon Prepares for ' Downsizing' in advertising for Alexander Payne's Latest (Video) Science falsehood mightiness cognisance same a leap for the very grounded Payne (working when again with co-writer Jim Taylor), but “Downsizing” operates from the recognizably humane grade of such films as “Nebraska,” “Sideways” and “About Schmidt.” The genre’s finest activity uses the science of the future to illuminate the world of today, and this film explores its subject and its characters on, literally, a micro and a macro level.

Is Matt Damon Gay? Actor Speaks Out About Rumors


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